Piss Banged In The Basement Laura Crystal

Laura Crystal has come to a factory to speak her mind to the customer service office, but this high-class, satin blouse wearing blonde Eurobabe is definitely out of place in this blue collar environment. This is especially true when she takes the elevator to the wrong floor, down to the basement where Frenky is all alone save for lots of building material and junk everywhere. To make matters even more frustrating for this fashionable Eurobabe, the elevator stops working altogether and Laura has nowhere to go. Frenky has a solution, though, a way to take Laura’s mind off her problems and right onto his cock, where he shows Laura his “work skills”, all the while keeping on her sexy blue outfit and ultimately pissing all over each other. hey, once you make it messy you might as well have fun with it! Frenky will have some cleaning to do, but in the moment there’s nothing better than some fully clothed pissing action!(1064)

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