The Motivation Celine Noiret

Celine Noiret needs to renovate her new house. She has hired a worker to help her get everything into shape. While he is working upstairs, Celine enjoys the company of her girlfriend Adiamo downstairs in the spa. The two ladies while away the afternoon, talking about the latest gossip in town. They are both caught off-guard when the worker appears and mentions that he will probably need a second hand because the work is too difficult for one person. Celine realizes that he is simply suffering from a lack of motivation. Once Celine and Adiamo manage to squirt their piss on him, it turns out that he has enough energy after all – or at least enough energy to fuck and piss all over both of these beautiful women and satisfy their insatiable thirst. This is a type of work that even these rich bitches can relate to!(706)

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